I have to say that the glue A is the best Ií»ve used so far. Ií»ve tried many glues and nothing is fast drying as this one. I love it. I also love the individual lashes nice and polish.
I tried your one on one tech. before and it didn't work for me by my former glue but this time using your glue it worked great. I got a nice full look in half the time and taping the lashes down wow, Ií»ve never learned that tech. before. It makes working a lot faster when you don't have to really separate the lashes and have a bunch sticking together.
From USA

We are very please with your product especially the silk lashes and eye gel patch. Our clients love these patches, even though we use them for a purpose to hold down the lower lashes, the clients love the soothing feel of the cold gel.
Comments by UK

The eyelashes are a really good quality and so is the glue. .We are very happy with the quality of the silk lashes, I like the 0.2mm thick silk lashes, they are especially nice and also the mink one.
Moreover the professional case is just the right size and nice and sturdy.
Comments by AU